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Gas Certificates

Gas Certificates

We have qualified engineers able to provide certification for all gas appliance installations and servicing on both domestic and non-domestic systems.

The safety checks needed annually for gas appliances are:

  • Domestic: Landlord or homeowner gas safety record (CP12)
  • Non-Domestic: Gas installation safety report (CP17)
  • Commercial Catering Appliances: Gas safety inspection (CP42)
Asher Energy - Leading provider of Gas Certificates

An annual CP12 is a legal requirement for landlords of tenanted properties. Although it’s not a legal requirement for homeowners, it is needed for most boiler manufacturer warranties, and usually for home insurance policies too.

An annual Gas Safety Record (CP12) is performed on all appliances connected to a single gas supply. This includes the gas meter, boiler, cooker(s), hob(s), fire(s) and any other connected gas appliances.

A GSR ensures gas appliances comply with UK gas safety regulations. We believe customers should be provided with a more detailed assessment of their boiler than standard compliance checks.

An annual GSR by an Asher Gas Engineer includes our five additional checks on a boiler to keep it working trouble-free for longer:

  • Boiler control function
  • Leaks and corrosion
  • Visual inspection of pipework
  • Condense pipes
  • Water pressure checks

Boiler manufacturers each have their own warranty conditions. An annual GSR is not always enough to satisfy these conditions. Instead, they stipulate how the boiler must be serviced. We can service your boiler in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. We offer a combined GSR and service visit package. Call our team today for more details.

Landlord’s Responsibilities

UK landlords are lawfully needed to have gas works, and a gas safety certificates completed and signed in full.

If a landlord fails to satisfy the legal requirements for gas safety, they are responsible for serious charges and criminal prosecution. If a tenant is injured due to a failure on the landlord’s part to secure a correct gas safety certificate then the criminal court can enforce extensive fines, while if a death occurs as a result of landlord negligence through gas safety, the landlord can be charged with manslaughter. A majority of insurance provider also specify that if there is not a current gas safety certificate for a residential rental property, then any insurance plan that you hold for the property will be considered invalid. For these reasons it is vital making sure that you hold a current gas safety certificate for all your rental properties.

You should keep a record of each gas safety inspection for 2 years. You must supply the annual gas safety record or gas certificates within 28 days of the check being performed to existing tenants or new tenants before they move in.


Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

Gas Safety Certificate + Boiler Service (2 appliances)

Boiler installation

Boiler Breakdown and Repairs

Gas Leak Repairs

Power Flush

Hob/Oven installation with CP12

Hob/Oven installation with CP12 & new hose

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